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What is a tournament co-ordinator?


 A tournament coordinator :


~Plans, organizes, schedules, implements, and supervises tournaments.
~ Coordinates with staff, outside organizations, and league coordinators all the necessary details to create and implement a successful event. 
~ Provides the public with the appropriate information on upcoming activities. 
~ Hires and supervises officials. 
~ Provides appropriate information on tournament and answers questions.                                         

~ Records and keeps track of the necessary paperwork for events and activities. 


The best part is there is no out of pocket cost to you and your program! All expenses are paid through the gate and registration fees! Program-based sponsorships and concession money go directly to your program! There are many benefits of hosting a tournament ~ exposure for the program, expanded academic and athletic connections, an increase in community relationships, and providing your team valuable experience by playing a broader range of talent.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new opportunity to promote your program and reap the rewards of having a tournament coordinator working for you!

….Game ON!


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