My name is Jeff VanDeMark.  I have had a vision to be able to utilize athletics to impact young people for Jesus.  The Lord has seen fit to have that vision become reality.  Below is the plan.  I pray that you would consider being a part in some way.  

The plan is to build 2 full-size athletic fields that would accommodate most field sports, e.g. football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey.   My goal is to provide the community with a safe environment in which to practice and play sports at every level.  Right now, field space is so scarce that colleges to grade schools are desperately hunting for space to use for their programs. The need for space is so extreme that schools rent other school’s fields to accommodate their growing programs.

Youth sports programs are starting with younger and younger kids each year, fields are the deciding factor for whether or not some programs are even able to survive. The youth soccer market in Georgia alone is growing at an exponential rate.  There are over 300 clubs in the state. Each of these clubs has an average of 25 teams.

All of these clubs, as well as, teams in states bordering Georgia (i.e. South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama) look for well-run tournaments in which to play, as well as venues to host those games. This is my forte.

I have spent a lifetime in sports at every level. I’ve been a player, coach, and manager. I played basketball at Western Carolina and Bryan College. I was the Head Assistant Coach and Director of Recruiting at Bryan College. I have also played professional basketball internationally in over 12 different countries and was the Assistant Commissioner of Basketball in Wales. Domestically, I spent 2 years in Columbia, SC at the oldest YMCA in America. During that time, I managed 3 different facilities with over 7,000 members, encompassing 23 fields and 6 gyms. I planned and organized all the programming for each sport.  Since that time, I’ve run my own insurance company, managed a bank, become a tutor, started my own independent homeschool athletic organization, and most recently, a personal basketball training program. Each of these vocations has given me life skills, as well as the experience and contacts needed to make this venture successful.

For the last 6 years I have directed the Southeast Tip Off Basketball Tournament.   This tournament is the largest in the southeast; we have approximately 50 teams from 9 states for this event.  We have also partnered with 3v3 Live.  They are a national 3on3 soccer tournament company that does 180+ tournaments around the country every summer.  We have partnered with them to host events locally.  I also have just received a partnership with Under Armour to host their youth flag football program.  

Finding someone with the knowledge, necessary expertise, management skills and passion to run privately-owned athletic fields, is difficult. I am very grateful for all my previous experiences that have fitted me for this position. From player to coach, employee to manager, from parent to referee- I’ve done it all! I’ve studied, researched, planned, prayed and sweated over this project. I look forward to sharing this vision with you and watching it come to fruition.

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  • Soccer Tournaments

  • Lacrosse Tournaments

  • Faith based soccer club teams

  • Frisbee Golf

  • Spartan Course

  • PE Classes

  • Sport Camps

  • Field Days

  • Athletic Training