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Feel Good, Play Hard


Wouldn’t you like a PE program that really focused on educating your kids? We like to use the term “Functional Fitness” to describe our classes and our ideology. Our goal is to teach your children, ages 4-11, how to use fitness to help in every day life.. Each of our classes lasts 1 1/2 hours and is separated into four 20 minute sessions: Warm up/Stretching, Obstacle Course, Team Building, Health and Nutrition. We are providing a PE class unlike any other! We use classic stretching and warm/up  exercises right along with yoga and pilates. We have an obstacle course that mixes boot camp with crossfit. For team building, we use classic playground games as well as  providing a  working knowledge of basketball, baseball and soccer and other team sports. Finally, we give the kids a bit of health and  nutrition, mixed with a smattering of first aid! A little bit of everything to give your students confidence and understanding to enjoy a lifetime of Functional Fitness!                         

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